San Jose needs leaders with experience taking real action for our community.   As your Councilmember, I will listen, I will be data-driven, and I will deliver results that put our communities first.   The following issues will be my top priorities:


Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis that we must address in a more direct manner.   We need to create safe shelter space and improve access to mental health, addiction and other support services.  San Jose must do better transitioning people living in parks, trails and public spaces off the streets and into temporary and permanent supportive housing.  Our public spaces must remain open, safe and clean for children, seniors and families

Public Safety

We must invest in safe neighborhoods.  I will advocate for more investment in public safety – through improving and increasing foot patrols, enhancing our community policing efforts and additional attention to community programs that interrupt cycles of violence and increase economic opportunities for all.

Reduce Traffic, Improve Streets and Roads

We need a city that works – and it starts with a focus on the basics.  We must improve our streets and roads by dedicating city revenues to pothole repairs, road maintenance, and traffic reduction improvements.   I’ll make sure our streets and roads programs are fully funded and functioning at a high level so that our neighborhoods get much-needed care and attention.

Access to Education

I’ve spent much of my career fighting to increase access to quality education for all students.   I will continue this work in city hall by coordinating funding for students in San Jose for wellness, early childhood education, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs, and school-to-career opportunities.